What Is Cardinal Game Studios?


Cardinal Game Studios is a small, independent game studio based in Louisville, Kentucky which strives to deliver fun and quality games with a focus on family friendly content to multiple platforms. By no means is Cardinal Game Studios a professional game development studio and as a result prefers to prioritize content over profit.


Cardinal Game Studios’ Titles


Cardinal Game Studios is currently developing “Scrappy’s Shootout”, you can read more about it here. You can follow my IndieDB and itch.io page, or visit the updates page. You can also sign up for the newsletter to be notified of any announcements, demos , full releases, or significant updates and news.

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(Devlog-4) Scrappy’s Shootout – Demo Release

  Finally Scrappy’s Shootout has reached a basic, playable state! In this devlog I’m going to cover what Scrappy’s Shootout is, what’s in the demo, feedback, and what’s in store for the future. Stay tuned!   Cardinal Game Studios Twitter   What is Scrappy’s Shootout? For those that are just tuning in Scrappy’s Shootout is … Continue reading (Devlog-4) Scrappy’s Shootout – Demo Release

(Mini Project-Delivery Bot) What I Learned Making My First Game Jam Game

Cardinal Game Studios Twitter   Making this Ludum Dare project was probably one of the harder projects I’ve done. No, not because its graphically impressive, or mechanically complex (I think those things are obvious when you first boot up the game), it was hard because of my own self confidence the the pressure I put … Continue reading (Mini Project-Delivery Bot) What I Learned Making My First Game Jam Game

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